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When the world was seemingly turned upside down overnight by the effects of COVID-19, many brands were suddenly forced to reevaluate their operations.

But no matter what the world throws at us, we can adapt. As a full-service digital agency, our team kicked into overdrive to help both our service and product-based clients survive and, in some cases, thrive amidst these unprecedented challenges.

The Challenge

Fitness and gym equipment brand NC Fitness is both a B2B and B2C business, so the closure of gyms and fitness centres cut off a huge area of their revenue. This placed even larger importance on their sales direct to the public. We anticipated increased demand for home workout equipment, so we had to be ready with specific campaigns tailored to this area. It was our job to sell as many of their new home workout packages as possible.

Our Approach

NC Fitness is a long-term client. Along with building their website, we’ve worked with them for over five years. We were able to use what we’d learned to formulate a powerful response strategy.

All paid campaign creative, messaging, and targeting was switched to focus on home workouts. We rolled out new campaigns to capitalise on a massive increase in searches around home workouts, including fitouts for home gyms.

We also shifted the focus of their website’s on-page optimisation for specific products that could be used at home. This aligned perfectly with the increased demand and sales around home fitouts.


  • March proved to be their second-highest performing month ever, generating 5x as much revenue as the month prior. This was beaten only by April, which proved to be the most successful period in their entire eight years in business.
  • Incredible 301x ROI for the home workout package campaigns via social
  • Home workout packages sold out on the site within 48 hours


ROI from Google Ads


Increase in revenue from organic traffic


More revenue than any other month


ROI on home workout campaigns

The Challenge

Homewares retailer Salt & Pepper had only just joined us in the weeks running up to the COVID-19 shutdown. They had been experiencing difficulties in managing many campaigns internally, and particularly rolling them out across digital channels.

The challenge with this client was to completely refresh their approach to digital using a new strategy for search and social advertising— one that would work in spite of the sudden impact of COVID-19.

Our Approach

We devised a plan appropriate for their frequently changing sales and promotions. This would allow us to target different segments of their audience, both engaged and non-engaged. By implementing a flexible approach to optimisation that required daily changes, we would be able to fast-track their progress to see a strong ROI.

As a reputable brand that has been around for 25 years, there was a large existing audience for us to utilise through email lists, website traffic, and social followers. We not only used these for an in-depth retargeting approach, but found them invaluable for creating lookalike, interest-mirroring, and fresh audiences— all backed by valuable data. This meant we could essentially reach out to new people, who aligned with their most valuable established customers.

In light of the current situation, we also tweaked all ad creative and copy to focus on people spending more time at home doing home improvements and cooking.


  • Their first month working with us (March) became their strongest month on record for online revenue, which was then beaten again by the following month
  • The client happily increased media spend by 50% in April due to the amazing results delivered over the few weeks prior, allowing us to roll out new audiences, channels, and campaigns.


ROI from paid social


ROI from Google Ads

The Challenge

With recruitment becoming less of a priority for most businesses in light of COVID-19, labour hire franchise WorkforceXS needed to keep their brand front and centre. Their online presence had to act as a source of support for businesses during these tough times. They also needed to consider a tailored approach for multiple regions and franchises where the impact of COVID-19 was varied.

Our Approach

The recruitment industry was hit hard by COVID-19, so we channelled our focus into creating strategic content to strengthen WorkforceXS’s reputation as a source of support and expertise.

We utilised video content across their ads in order to accurately deliver the message of support to their audience. By switching their usual targeting, we allowed their reach to extend to those working from home rather than the usual locations.

Our strategy also involved trimming the fat by reducing split-testing of their audiences, instead focusing spend on their most valuable audiences prior to COVID-19.


  • A fresh narrative across their ads that reflected a strong message of support
  • Improved engagement across ads thanks to new messaging that perfectly communicated their unique offering and support in the new global climate

The Challenge

As a company that supplies scientific and drug testing products and services to businesses, it was unclear how the virus would affect Pathtech’s industry. It was critical that we took this into consideration while preparing for both the best and worst case scenarios. Their website had a range of both eCommerce and non-eCommerce conversions that would need to be monitored. It was up to us to respond to whichever would perform best during the crisis.

Google had strict regulations in place to prevent brands from running ads for Coronavirus-related products, such as face masks— a staple product in Pathtech’s online store. We would have to find ways to work around this to allow revenue to remain stable.

Our Approach

By closely monitoring search trends, we were able to react to changes with a strategy that was flexible. We determined the optimal way to distribute their ad budget as the situation unfolded and the available budget gradually decreased.

We focused mainly on optimising their newly-added categories relevant to COVID-19 and related products. Our SEO work was particularly important at this stage, as we were unable to run any ads for face masks. This shows how beneficial it is for businesses to be running multiple marketing channels and services.

We managed to circumvent Google’s ad restrictions by directing their ad traffic to pages that showed Pathtech had face masks available. The client assisted in this strategy by choosing to make this product a prominent feature across the site.


  • Higher quality search traffic was driven to the site thanks to a reactive approach to search trends, doubling conversion rates for their strongest ever month for search
  • Google Ads conversions increased by 25%, while cost per conversion dropped by 51%, thus squeezing more out of their media spend in a time of financial uncertainty
  • Transactions from organic traffic channel doubled
  • March was their strongest ever month for online revenue— almost double their second strongest month


Increase in revenue


ROI across digital advertising

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