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An Outstanding Investment for an Outstanding Firm
An investment team with a difference, Merricks are the experts in money growth and management. 

Merricks Capital approached us to create a complete brand refresh and visual upgrade to suit their premium brand. They didn’t just want to be another investment firm but wanted to illustrate their holistic approach with a focus on their investments in local projects.

The Challenge

  • To create a website that would attract premium investors. To do this, we needed to highlight Merricks proven track record of global investments and experience. A firm that prides itself on both preparation and opportunity needed a design that balanced both.
  • Merricks also wanted to highlight their point of difference with a specific focus on agriculture, commercial real estate and infrastructure that supports projects in Australia and New Zealand.
  • We needed to create a website that not only provided a complete overview of their services, expertise and investments but would also be key in ongoing lead generation.

The Approach

  • We started by looking at the information architecture of the website with a focus on creating a streamlined design. By considering the site structure, we used it to inform how we could best display information for better discoverability. This resulted in us designing a website that has clear calls to action that encourages potential clients to engage with Merricks and helps provide lead generation.
  • Our goal was to design a website that is fast and user-friendly but still contains the knowledge and expertise that Merricks is known for. 

The Outcome

  • The result is a website that has a slick, modern design that highlights exactly what Merricks is capable of. With clear, concise information housed in a website that feels organic to navigate, it lets the specialist knowledge of the team really shine. We also specifically set out to showcase their team in order to illustrate their specialities and contact information for leads.
  • By using rich content such as blog posts to show their team’s expertise, it illustrates that they aren’t just simply a faceless firm — but a team of dedicated experts.
  • The website now clearly illustrates Merricks’ proven track record with links to case studies for their big investment projects that demonstrate exactly why your money is in safe hands.
  • Modern, but with a human touch, Merricks is an investment firm that truly cares.

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